Thursday, 12 April 2012

My (almost) brush with fame

Last Wednesday Matthew and I visited Highclere Castle, the home of the show Downton Abbey.  Upon our arrival to the castle, this sign greeted us at the front gates.

I could have the chance to interview with the today show!!  I was excited at the premise of being on TV and talked Matthew's ear off with different things I could say.  :)  Matthew and I continued to walk through the gardens and the house.  After looking around the house, we met up with the rather large group (50+) of Americans ready for their chance at fame!  The film crew was getting set up and began to interview, asking questions like; 'What brought you here?' 'What do you think of the way the show portrays Americans?' 'What is going to happen in Season 3?'  It was amazing to watch how people would act when getting around a camera.  I saw several elbows flying as people tried to get their way to the front of the line, and others jumping in front of someone else to try and be interviewed next.  Here are a few shots of them interviewing...

After a few interviews Lady Carnarvon of Highclere Castle showed up as well!! 

The film crew decided then to do a group walk up to the castle and then give us a chance to shake the hand of the Countess of Carnarvon.  I knew the chance of getting to do an interview was slim so I made sure I was prominent in the group walk to the castle....AND you can see me for two whole seconds in the actual piece for the today show  (check out 00:34 - 00:36)  I'm in the purple jacket!!

After getting to shake the Lady's hand and walking into the house, we came back outside.  The main reporter (who had just showed up) then asked some in a group where they were from.  I didn't get asked but the man in front of me did so again you can see me from the nose up behind the man in red (from North Carolina) at (00:46) .

This whole process has taken over an hour and they were going to continue with some more interviews.  Matthew was being very patient and it was getting rather chilly so we decided to go home.  I think we made a good move.  We watched at least five interviews being done and they only used one interview that we saw (the one with the two ladies at the end).  So even if I did stay and interview I would most likely being on the cutting room floor at this point.  It was still fun and this my first time being on national TV...if you call 3 seconds being on!!  :)  Check out the link to watch the video as try to look out for me:
(00.34-00:36 and 00:46) 

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