Sunday, 10 April 2011

26 going on 16

I am 26 going on 16 (humming tune of 'Sixteen going on seventeen')

At least this is how I feel....26 going on 16.  Why do you ask?  Two reasons...

First, I am learning how to drive in England.  I have my provisional license (driver's permit) and have just started practicing driving around town with Matthew in the car.  I am hoping to take my Theory test (written exam) by the end of the month and starting actual driving lessons by the beginning of May.  Ideally I would like to take (and pass) my test by the end of June.  Here's hoping all goes according to plan.

Matt and I had my first driving experience yesterday.  All in all it went well.  According to Matthew I was a bit to close to the curb (what does he know anyway?) but never hit the curb so that was a success.  It wasn't as weird driving on the left side of the road as I thought it would be.  It was VERY weird driving from the right side of the car.  That will take some getting use to and just felt very weird.  We are hoping to practice several more times in the next few weeks just helping me to get more comfortable and confident behind the wheel and getting use the roundabouts.  So people of Bury St Edmunds...beware!!

Second, I am preparing to take my Science GCSEs.  GCSEs are the exams that 16 year olds in England have take before leaving school at 16.  According to the English I don't have the equivalence for science and have to take this test before pursuing my English teaching qualification.  I have my practical exams in Biology, Chemistry and Physics the first week of May and then my other exams (2 for each subject, multiple choice) in mid-June.  I should find out the results in mid-August.  I am need to get a grade C or higher.  I feel a bit ridiculous having to study and take this exam with 16 year olds but just another hump to get over. 

So now you can see that I really am 26 going on 16...learning to drive and science exam for 16 year olds.  Even though it will be a busy few months ahead with all this on top of work and church it will be worth it!  So please keep us in your prayers as I start taking things that 16 year old has to take with the responsibility of a 26 year old.  Oh the joys...

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Changes for the Jolley's

Hello again!

I must apologize for not getting on here more often.  I think about updating it VERY often but actually getting around to it seems to be a much harder thing.  Anyways, very sorry and will try harder in the future.  Anyways....there is a lot to update you on.  First off, please know that all is well in the Jolley house.  Matthew is now official a reverend and the job is off to a good start.  I am still teaching at a school called Place Farm Community Primary School in Haverhill (about 18 miles south-west of Bury St Edmunds) finishing out a maternity leave until the end of the school year in July.  My school had a few teacher positions open for the next school year.  I had a long day going through the interview process but it was well worth it as I have a full-time teaching job starting in September.  I am unsure of what year group I will be teaching at this point but it takes a lot of stress out not having to worry about a job come September.  :)  YAY!!  The school is very supportive in helping me get my English teaching qualification so that is also another relief and something to look forward to. 

Continuing on with some other changes....take a look at the picture you notice anything different about Matthew and myself??

See anything different about us (other than it not being a great picture of us)...

Well if said that Matthew's glasses are gone you would be correct.  Matthew has recently been wearing contacts and is enjoying the freedom that contacts give you that glasses don't.  It has been a bit of an adjustment for him but overall he is enjoying his new contacts. glasses!!

Now for me....if you said my hair was a bit different you would be correct.  About a month ago I dyed my hair a reddish brown color.  I am enjoying the change of hair color but I can't say if red heads really have more fun yet...only time will tell!!

Now for an even bigger change.....we have a new car!  :)  Right after the New Year our car was officially dead.  I have been meaning to post these picture for awhile now but better late than never.  Our new car is a 2005 Vauxhall Meriva.  This car is an automatic which will make learning to drive over here much easier for me.  The car only had about 35,000 miles on it and was in great condition. Hopefully this car will last us many years to come as it is a four-door and seats five with plenty of space in the trunk (or as the Brit's say 'the boot').  Check it out...

It is like a mix between a car and a SUV.  Different....
Plenty of room up front....and YAY....its an automatic! 

Lots of space in the trunk/boot of the car!

Well those are the main changes right now happening in our life.  We are keeping busy.  At the end of May we are having a mission trip from America of 30 students over to our town so Matthew is busy getting things organized for that on top of his everyday work of preparing for studies and preaching and visiting others.  Please continue to keep him and his ministry in your prayers. 

As for me, work is good but very busy.  I have a lot to do coming up with gathering evidence towards getting my English teaching qualification.  I am looking forward to my Spring Break coming up (only one more week).  Hopefully I can work ahead with some school work but still have time for myself and a chance to rest and not think of school.

I will end with a happy thought about change....Spring has finally come to England and it is beautiful!!  :)  Happy Spring to you!