Sunday, 26 June 2011

Matthew's First Baptism

Last Sunday, Matthew was blessed as a minister and got the opportunity to baptise his first baby!  Avelyn Joy was two weeks old (born on the same day as our anniversay)!  It was a very special day celebrating with the Park family on this joyous occassion.  The whole church was invited back to their home for a lovely Korean lunch (I even ate some!). 

                                      Welcome to the family baby Avelyn!!
                                                             Annointing with water.
Praying over Avelyn!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

A Busy Month Ahead

It is very hard to believe that May has already come and gone.  It seems like yesterday it was Easter and now its already June.  Where does the time go?  May was a good month in which we kept quite busy.  I took my science practial exams in all three subjects (biology, physics, chemistry) and my written exam for driving on top of school and church stuff.  Matthew was busy preparing for the American Mission trip in which 35 students from Alabama arrived on May 28th.  This past half-term was very quick at school (only 4 weeks instead of the normal 6) and even took my students on a field trip to London to visit the Olympic Park.  It was interesting seeing the Olympic sites and stadiums but still stressful being responsible for 42 children in London. 

 The new Olympic Stadium which will become the home of
West Ham football club after the Olympics.
Called 'the pringle' - this is the Velodrome for the cycle races.

The one thing in May that we did do was visit a local castle.  I had been wanting to visit Framlingham Castle since we moved here and finally managed to go and see it!  It is a 12th-century castle and it was at this place where Mary Tudor gathered her troops to storm London and take her crown and where she officially became the first Queen of England.  Very exciting.  The town of Framlingham was very cute and it was just a lovely day walking around the town and the castle and spending time together.  :)  It was a fun day out and just what Matthew and I needed. 

 Interesting sign about Mary Tudor! She was the first Queen of England.
 Outside Framlingham Castle
Inside Framlingham Castle

This past week has been busy with the mission trip happening from America (will post about it later). June is shaping to be a VERY busy month and I am ready for it to be mid-July.  Why so busy you ask?  First, I  have my BIG science exam in less than two weeks from now on June 17th.  I'm getting a bit nervous as I haven't studied for it as much as I should and the fact I REALLY need to pass it and science isn't my strongest subject.  I will be busy studying for that on top of all my normal teaching work.  There is a good chance that we will have a government inspection at my school sometime in June which adds extra stress and a bit more work to an already busy work load.  Also, at some point I have to write a report over each child and how they are doing in every subject.  Again, this will take quite a bit of time being thorough about each child and what they demonstrate in the classroom. 

So if all this wasn't busy enough Matthew and I are moving to a new house this month as well.  Yes you read correctly....we are moving (AGAIN!).  At least it is in the same town but does involving packing a whole house (AGAiN!) and getting resettled in a new place.  It will be much better for us as a place to live than where we currently are but it is just the hassle of it all. 

Our new home!  :)

At the beginning of July I take my driving exam (I passed my written (theory) exam earlier in May).  It could be July 7th and ALL of this will be done.  Needless to say it is going to be a very busy month in every way and could most certainly use prayer during this time especially with my upcoming science exam and driving test and with moving house.  Thanks and if I survive the coming month, I'll see you in July!  :) 

Friday, 3 June 2011

A Birthday Surprise

This past Wednesday was Matthew's 30th birthday!  We currently have 35 people on a mission trip visiting Bury St Edmunds from Alabama in which Matt has been busy heading up.  He kept saying that we weren't going to celebrate his birthday until next week but did he have a surprise waiting for him.  :)

Wednesday evenings we usually have our bible study/prayer meeting.  Since we have these visitors over for the mission trip, we had a joint prayer meeting with two other local churches.  We had over 100 in attendence to come together for prayer as one of God's people.  I organized to have a special suprising waiting for Matthew at the end of the prayer meeting.  Without his knowledge, I had organized for different people to bring cupcakes to celebrate his birthday.  Also arranged for everyone to sing Happy Birthday to Matthew.  He was truly surprised and did not expect it so it was really great to suprise him and make this day truly rememorable.  :) 

Thanks to everyone in the church that helped to make this such a success!  I look foward to seeing what God does with Matthew in the next 30 years!  Happy Birthday my love!

 Singing Happy Birthday to Matthew and giving him is cupcakes with a BIG 3-0 on it!!
Matthew wearing his cool 'Happy 30th' thanks to his mum!