Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Cuteness of Kids

School is officially in swing and off to a busy but good start.  My class this year is well behaved and general make me happy with no major behavior issues thus far.  In Sepemteber we have been studying 'Authors and Letters' in English.  We have read two books by Roald Dahl, The Twits and Esio Trot.  The students then wrote a letter to the author about The Twits and then wrote a letter to a character in Esio Trot.  One of my students really cracked me up with his letter...its not the content but his spelling...its just too cute!  You can at least make out what he was trying to spell (which is better than some kids) and I just had to share.  I have changed the name to keep it confidental but I hope it brings a smile to your face as it did mine!!  :)  The words in italics is the word he means in case you cannot make the word out. 

His first letter was to Roald Dahl about The Twits which we read in class.
Dear Mr Dahl,

I apslootlie (absolutely) love yore books  theay ure (are) brilonte. but wote (what) is yore favrote book.  wen you wose (was) lite ole (little) wote was a nice book you read.

I read the twits  I fote (thought) it wose good.  Spashaly the bit wen the boys gote sduck (stuck) in the big ded tree.  And thay tock ov ter tralses (took off their trousers).  I dont like mise is twit (Mrs Twit) baseae she keeps plaine tricks on a chuver (each other).

yore sinsily

Age 7

His second letter was to a character in Esio Trot another Roald Dahl book.
Dear Mr Hoppy.

I am ritine because we just red your book Esio Trot.  I like flowors  a rose is my farote  wote us youres?  Bie (By) the way hall (how) wase the wedin.  I am shore it wase brilont?

I rill wont a totes (tortoise)  please can you get me wane (one).  Hall is youre with (wife).  I shore she is grate.

your sincerely.