Friday, 3 June 2011

A Birthday Surprise

This past Wednesday was Matthew's 30th birthday!  We currently have 35 people on a mission trip visiting Bury St Edmunds from Alabama in which Matt has been busy heading up.  He kept saying that we weren't going to celebrate his birthday until next week but did he have a surprise waiting for him.  :)

Wednesday evenings we usually have our bible study/prayer meeting.  Since we have these visitors over for the mission trip, we had a joint prayer meeting with two other local churches.  We had over 100 in attendence to come together for prayer as one of God's people.  I organized to have a special suprising waiting for Matthew at the end of the prayer meeting.  Without his knowledge, I had organized for different people to bring cupcakes to celebrate his birthday.  Also arranged for everyone to sing Happy Birthday to Matthew.  He was truly surprised and did not expect it so it was really great to suprise him and make this day truly rememorable.  :) 

Thanks to everyone in the church that helped to make this such a success!  I look foward to seeing what God does with Matthew in the next 30 years!  Happy Birthday my love!

 Singing Happy Birthday to Matthew and giving him is cupcakes with a BIG 3-0 on it!!
Matthew wearing his cool 'Happy 30th' thanks to his mum!

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