Sunday, 16 September 2012

An Upcoming Change

There is some good news in the Jolley house.  Matthew and I are expecting our first baby in Spring 2013.  :)  We are thrilled by this upcoming change and ready (as you can be) for this wonderful change to our family of two!

We found out this great news on July 25th.  I was over a week late so we decided to try a pregnancy test.  This is the good news that showed up. 

We went to the doctor later in the week where he confirmed the good news again and set me up with a midwife.  I was around 4 weeks pregnant by this point.  The doctor gave us the date of 24th March as a rough estimate for the due date.

Mid-August was my first appointment with the midwife.  It was here where she took a blood sample and urine sample which was to be sent off for testing.  She ran through family history and just an overall of what to expect in the coming months and procedures in the UK when having a baby.  It was very helpful making it feel all the more real. 

Throughout the first trimester I have generally felt good.  I have had 3-4 days where I didn't feel great and only came close to getting sick once.  My main symptom has been tiredness.  It doesn't take much currently to make me feel exhausted and I constantly feel tired.  This should hopefullly pass soon as I am now entering into the 2nd trimester stage.

This past Monday was my 12 week scan.  :)  This made everything VERY real.  It was such an amazing feeling getting to see this little baby that is inside me.  Crazy to think that it was moving around yet I can't feel a thing.  At the scan, they confirmed it was only just one baby and that everything looked good.  There were no initial signs of any problems.  It took some time getting the baby to move around so they could get a clear picture and measurement of the baby.  The measurement they finally got was around 48mm (almost 5 centimeters) and gave us the due date of the 28th March 2013.  It is all very exciting and is starting to feel very real as my clothes are beginning to get tighter at the moment! 

Check out our beautiful baby so far...

My next appointment is the 16 week appointment with the midwife at the beginning of October.  Then my 20 week scan is on the 13th November.  It will be here that Matthew and I will find out whether to expect a little boy or little girl next spring.  We don't have a preference - just a healthy baby is all we pray for!  We are hoping to visit IN during Christmas time which will be lovely to see my family while pregnant.  It will be great to see my sister-in-law especially as she will be pregnant too.  We are expecting 2-3 weeks apart which will be fun for our children as they will be close in age!  Exciting times ahead and will continue to keep you posted...

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