Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Quiz Night

Two weeks ago Matthew and I participated in a quiz night at the community centre our church has moved into.  This was my first quiz night ever and I was really excited about it.  We had four people on our team, the Jolley's and Macintyre's.  We named our team  'Bravehearts' since the Macintyre's are Scottish and because of Matthew's recent health trouble.  Throughout the evening we went through 9 topics with 20 questions each.  The topic we did the best in was 'history' with 16 out of 20 correct.  Our worst topic was music and only got 7 out of 20 correct.  There were a total of four teams participating and we came in.......2nd place!!  Overall I enjoyed the evening although I was not a great help to my team.  I was only able to help answer a handful of questions throughout the evening and most of those were related to cartoons...not sure what that says about me?  In my defense, many questions would have been hard to answer if you weren't British!!  As a whole, a good, fun evening and I look forward to the chance to have another quiz night in the future!!
Here is a sample of some of the questions we had to answer: (good luck!)
1. What is a baldric?
2. Morpheus was a Greek God of what?
3. What is given on 13th wedding anniversary?
4. In what century was tea first brought to England?
5. In a pack of cards, which was does the king of spades look, his left or right?

How did you do? 

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