Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Keeping Busy (or trying to)

We have been living in Bury St Edmunds for 2 1/2 months.  Overall life is good and keeping us busy, especially for Matthew.  I am still awaiting news for my police check to come through so I haven't started working  yet.  I am really looking forward to working soon but keeping myself busy in the meantime with different things around the area, keeping up with the housework, and spending time with Matthew.  I feel grateful for this time to settle into our new life in Bury St Edmunds but I am ready to get busy and tucked into working.

Matthew is doing great and keeping very busy.  He has been busy studying for his Presbytery exams as well as preaching twice on Sundays and leading Bible Study on Wednesdays.  He has his two hardest exams this week in Wales so we'll be glad when that is done.  We have been encouraged at the church with several new visitors since Matthew started in July.  Please continue to keep Matthew in your prayers as there is a lot of work ahead with his ordination and his ministry at the church.

Here are a few things we've been up to for the past few weeks:

The Tour of Britian (British equivalent to the Tour de France) came through our town of Bury St Edmunds one day in September.  I was able to get to see the start of the race.  It was fun but over in just 40 seconds.  A lot of build up for a few seconds of fun but it was still nice getting to see.
And they're off....
Go, go, go, go!!

Next I got the opportunity to go to Newmarket on the train to see some horse racing.  They were having a Festival of Food and Drink and allowed free entry to part of the stands.  The weather was beautiful and it was a fun experience.  My only complaint is all the downtime between races so I watched a few and then went home.  Like the bike race, it was over in about 40 seconds so it was a lot of build up for little excitement.  If you aren't into betting or drink, not the thing for you.

Our annual church Harvest Supper was held on October 1st.  It was a big success with over 70 people in attendance.  We served soup and dessert and Matt gave a small talk.  It was a fun evening to be in fellowship with members from the church and visitors.

We are looking forward to our trip to Rome which is less than two weeks away.  It will be a quick trip from Monday to Friday but I am looking forward to seeing all the sights and getting to share it with Matthew.  Please continue to remember us in your prayers with both our job situations.  The weather has been good and the feel of autumn is in the air.  There are lovely day with blue skies and sunshine and grey, cloudy days.  I'll leave you with this autumn picture I took while walking around the Abby Gardens by the cathedral.

Happy Autumn to you all!!

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  1. I'm glad to hear that God is working through both you and Matthew to bring new people to the church! That must be exciting for you to get to see!