Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A Great Homecoming

One of the joys of our new home in Bury St Edmunds is the American Air Force Base located several miles away.  This is the place that Matt refers to as 'the place the flows with milk and honey'.  It has American food, American restaurants,and even gas at American prices.  Matt and I have had the privilege over the past two weeks to go onto base and welcome the men from church back from their four-month deployment to Afghanistan. 

The first group that arrived to the base was by bus.  Over nine buses pulled up to the hanger where the family and friends were waiting. 

It was so nice seeing family reuniting after four months of being apart.  It was especially nice getting to see some fathers getting to hold their child for the first time.  It was very emotional (even for those of us who weren't greeting a loved one) and felt very blessed by being there.  Three of the five men that are members of our church arrived.

And finally...today the last two men arrived home.  Again, we were privileged to go to base and welcome them home.  This was a different arrival as they actually flew jets back.  Due to strong wind, they didn't land quite how they were supposed to (in formation) but we saw them land one at a time.  Six jets (F15E) pulled up one by one and then opened the hatch at the same time.

Once the jets were switched off and the hatches opened, the families were able to run to greet their family.  Again, it was truly lovely getting to see the families reunite after four months of being apart and even brought tears to our eyes.

Here is a picture of the remaining two men from church with their families.
I will truly never forget this opportunity we got to be there when these brave men arrived and those first few moments of being reunited with their families. It was a wonderful experience and made for a great homecoming.  :)

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  1. That would have been a very joyful event to witness! Thank God all of those men and women were delivered back to their families safely.