Sunday, 17 July 2011

Driving on the wrong side

Well...good news!  I am have officially passed my driving test.  Last Wednesday 6th July at 9:37am I began my half hour driving exam.  My manoeuver was reverse around a corner.  In the English system you are allowed up to 15 minor faults before failing your test and I managed to get 8 minor faults.  It was a bit nerve racking as I was driving and I could see the examiner making ticks on his board.  But it was good news in the end as I can now officially drive on my own as I now have my own English driving license. 

 No longer a loser....I mean 'L'earner driving anymore!!
It's official....I passed!  :)  I have a certificate to prove it!!

My two months of super busyness is now over.  I should get my science test results back in August and then we will know if all the stress over the past two months was worth it all.  Now I  have one more week of school left and will continue to unpack and settle into our new house.  Then it is the summer holidays....which I will now be able to help with the driving especially when my parents are here visiting.  Matt is already thankful for me being able to drive to school instead of him having to take me!!  Until next out England....American woman on the roads!!

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