Monday, 21 February 2011

Girls Weekend in London

This past weekend I went to London to visit Ruth, my sister in law.  As usual we had a great time together and enjoyed my time in London.  London is truly a wonderful city and is always feels good to be back when visiting.  I left straight after work and took a bus to Cambridge and then a train from Cambridge to London.  By the time I arrived to Ruth's flat we had dinner and then went to see the movie Black Swan.  The movie was okay, not my cup of tea but glad to see it as Natalie Portman is slated to win the Oscar for the movie.  The acting was good and it was well made....just too clever for me to understand it all.

On Saturday, we had a lazy morning with a late breakfast and then off to the British Museum.  We had a nice time walking around taking in all the sights the British Museum has to offer.  We went to see the special exhibit called Ancient Egyptian: Book of the Dead.  It was really interesting to see and follow the ancient Egyptian's journey from death to the afterlife.  They had many examples of the Book of the Dead which contained spells on papyrus and linen with the oldest being over 3,500 years old.  It was really interesting and it is a fascinating world but it just left me with more questions...

In the evening we went out for a nice meal and then to see a show.  We were a bit late in ordering tickets so we didn't get the chance to our first choice but we got our tickets half-priced so that was good.  We ended up seeing Love Story: The musical.  It wasn't a classic but it was good and a bit of fun.  It made for a nice night on the town. 

On Sunday we went to church in the morning and then a lovely restaurant called The Heights which provided wonderful views of London from the 15th floor of a hotel.  Then the train/bus journey back to our home in Bury St Edmunds.  It was a really nice weekend but went by very quick.  Now its a week off from school.  REALLY ready for a break and will enjoy every moment.  Take care....

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